As we move along in the manufacturing process of an aluminum sand casting, the next step after the quote is the actual construction of the pattern.  We here at Bremer Manufacturing pride ourselves at being flexible to accept part files from our customers in many formats.  Our engineering support team can accept part files via CD, email, FTP, hard copy drawings, 3D models or 2D drawings.  Once we have those files we move forward with the construction of the pattern, but only after a total review of the part with our engineering and quality department.  The in-depth review of the part is essential for fluid transition from print to part.  This is where you should be noticing any potential issues that may arise and come up with solutions on how to solve them.  You can see the image on the side of one of our aluminum sand casting patterns.  In our blog next month, we’ll explain how we take your files and turn them into a finished product.

Bremer Manufacturing Aluminum Sand Casting

Bremer Manufacturing Aluminum Sand Casting Pattern