In-House Heat Treatment For Aluminum Casting

Bremer Manufacturing Company performs heat treatment for castings in-house, utilizing our two electric heat treat furnaces and two aging ovens.  We use heat treatment to improve the mechanical and physical properties of our aluminum castings, which is a vital process for producing the high-strength, lightweight castings that various industries rely on for their products.  Our heat treatment process involves heating and chilling aluminum to extreme temperatures to expand the alloy and change the microstructure, bringing out the desirable characteristics of the alloy (better machinability, higher strength, etc.), and cooling it back to its solid state.

We typically perform T5, T51, T6 and T61 aluminum heat treatment, but we are capable of heat treating aluminum to other temper designations as well.  To ensure all our heat treated parts meet their required mechanical properties, we regularly subject the castings we produce to uniformity audits, and regularly calibrate our furnace controls.  We also regularly monitor and optimize our aluminum heat treatment process by performing in-house Brinnell hardness testing.


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