Air Set (No-Bake) Aluminum Casting & Molding

diesel engine part made from air set castingBremer Manufacturing operates a large air set casting line, enabling production of much larger and heavier aluminum parts than can be produced on our green sand casting Hunter machines. Air set molding (also known as “no-bake” molding) is another type of aluminum casting that uses chemically bonded sand to form high-strength molds needed to produce large, complicated shapes that many parts require. Parts can weigh up to 120 pounds and measure 60” inches in length utilizing this operation.

Parts with internal passageways and undercuts can be easily produced using cores made by air set casting, using warm box cores made on the Redford machines, or purchased from an outside source.

High-Output Aluminum Casting, Low Costs and Quick Lead Times

Aluminum casting patterns for the air set molding line are typically made of wood and plastic, keeping pattern cost and lead time down. What’s more, multiple patterns of various part numbers may be run simultaneously on our molding loop, and multi-cavity patterns and core boxes can also be used to increase throughput for larger volume projects. Bremer’s air set molding line includes three aluminum melt furnaces complete with an automatic mold shakeout station, which captures sand to be run through our reclamation system for reuse – lower costs even further.


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