Bremer recently invested in a new SPECTROMAXx benchmark metal analyzer to increase the efficiency and accuracy of elemental analysis of aluminum alloys at numerous points in the casting process.

Here is what Bremer Director Of Sales & Engineering Wayne Bennin said about the new spectrometer:

“We use this unit to verify the chemical composition of the various aluminum alloys we pour, for both incoming metal and remelt. This new unit is able to provide chemical analysis much quicker and is also more accurate than our previous spectrometer.  Melt control is a critical part of our quality system and this new spectrometer will help ensure we continually meet our customer’s requirements. The attached foundry brochure has a lot of good info on the unit.”

Bremer’s new SPECTROMAXx spectrometer requires just one metal sample, and completes total measurement of the sample in 5 minutes, a drastic reduction in time and material requirements (and in turn, operating costs) compared to Bremer’s older spectrometers.

View the SPECTROMAXx Brochure As A PDF