Bremer Manufacturing Company History

Bremer Manufacturing Company’s aluminum sand casting operation was founded in 1937 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Mr. H.E. Bremer, and the genesis of his operation was the production of cast aluminum scoops and bowls used in agricultural applications, as well as other cast aluminum hand tools used in food processing. General Motors’ AC Spark Plug Division was an early customer, and Bremer’s operation grew significantly while producing castings for AC; parts produced were part of a Bombing Navigational Computer for the US Air Force following WWII.

In 1957, Mr. Bremer started the operation at the present site near St. Anna, Wisconsin, about 65 miles north of Milwaukee, and as business continued to grow, after a few years all operations were consolidated at the northern facility.

As Bremer’s green sand aluminum casting operation continued to grow, Hunter Automatic Molding Machines were added, eventually growing the fleet of molding machines to the current total of 4. Growth came while serving large customers such as Tecumseh Products (small engine components) and several lighting companies. In 1998 Bremer added precision machining as a value added service, and has steadily added CNC machining capacity in the intervening years.

Bremer Manufacturing saw an opportunity to serve another portion of the sand casting market when an air set molding line was added in 2008. Bremer’s air set molding capabilities were greatly expanded in 2014, when a large building and equipment addition was completed and began production.