Aluminum Green Sand Casting

throttle body produced using green sand casting

We specialize in the industry-preferred aluminum green sand casting process – also known as green sand molding. Thanks to our fleet of Hunter automatic molding machines (the leading and most innovative automated molding machines available) and the seasoned technicians who operate them, we’re able to produce cost-effective aluminum castings for both low- and high-volume applications via green sand casting.

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What is Aluminum Green Sand Casting?

Green sand casting, or green sand molding, is a process by which molten aluminum is poured directly into a mold cavity formed from a simple mixture of sand, clay and water. There is no correlation between the term green and the mold color. “Green” refers to a water-tempered, uncured sand molding system, resulting in a moldable sand mixture with strength and other physical properties suitable for mold making. Green sand molds are not baked or dried.

The green sand casting process is used widely for small to medium-sized aluminum castings. This casting process often is favored by foundries because of its economic production of quality castings in both short-run and high-production environments.

Aluminum green sand casting systems may be composed of many components other than sand, clay and water. These other ingredients are commonly referred to as additives. Systems can vary from simply sand, clay and water mixtures to very complex compositions for special casting applications.

High-Output, Low-Cost Aluminum Casting

By utilizing machines designed to minimize tooling costs and maximize production, we can produce complex, multi-cavity aluminum molds weighing up to 30 pounds at rates approaching 60 molds per hour (for larger/heavier parts, learn about our air set/no-bake molding process). This high rate of production, coupled with low tooling costs, allows us to maintain a low cost per part.

Seamless Aluminum Alloy & Pattern Changeover

If necessary, we can change aluminum alloys and/or patterns quickly. Each of our molding lines has a manual core setting station supported by its own dedicated aluminum melting/pouring line and mold shakeout equipment. In addition, each pouring line has multiple melting furnaces, allowing quick changeover times for different alloys to be poured, as well as the ability to charge, clean and prepare each melt while an adjacent furnace is supporting production.

Pattern changeover time on our Hunter automatic molding machines can be accomplished in just a few minutes, making even low volume production feasible. We have the ability to transfer existing matchplate patterns from other molding machines to our Hunters as well. Patterns designed for Sinto matchplate machines and Disa Match molding machines may be run on our Hunters with minimal modifications.

Plates for Roberts Sinto & Dis Match Molding Machines

Bremer Manufacturing’s automatic molding machines are capable of running matchplates made for Roberts Sinto and Disa Match horizontal flaskless molding machines. In many cases, matchplates built for Sinto or Disa machines will run on Bremer’s equipment with no modification. In other cases, only minor modification such as adding mounting holes may be needed & Bremer has the ability to make those modifications in house.


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