Casting Design & Engineering

Bremer Manufacturing Company’s engineering department can serve as an extension of your engineering capabilities, working with your engineers to provide casting design guidance for the cost-effective production of your product. By sharing files in step, Parasolid, or native formats with your engineers, we utilize our years of knowledge of casting design and production to perform feasibility reviews, make metallurgical recommendations, perform tolerance review, tooling feasibility, and cost analysis. The Aluminum Association Standards for Sand and Permanent Mold Castings are our guidelines for tolerance, draft angles, fillets, and parting line considerations. We also have state-of-the-art in-house laser scanning as a tool for use in the reverse engineering of castings. While offering all of the above we are constantly looking for areas where we can reduce costs for our customers.

Casting Design Considerations for Machining

Bremer’s engineers can help you develop optimum datum point locations to create the cast-to-machine relationship that best serves your needs. Although it is well known that utilizing a 3-2-1 datum point system (for primary, secondary, and tertiary datums) is generally preferred, we can help you produce the most robust datum structure, taking into account datum proximity to parting lines, important functional cast features, how datums are impacted by draft angles and various mold components (cores, cast-in inserts, etc) that may be needed to mold your design.


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