Bremer Mfg. Co has been using Magma Simulation for over a year. What is Magma simulation? Magma Simulation is a Secondary Operation as part of our Aluminum Sand Castings capabilities.  It gives us the ability to model our gating and risering systems long before we pour the first ounce of aluminum into the mold. Before the pattern is ever constructed, we model the gating system so we know where the problems will be long before the pattern is ready to go into production. In other words, we have taken the guess work out of the process. This allows us to get your casting requirements into production quicker and gives us the assurance that your castings will have the best integrity possible right from the start.

Magma Simulation System Used in the Aluminum Sand Casting Process

Example of Magma Simulation showing the gating, risering and casting. The process begins here.