As we work to expand our company with a new facility, we can take great pride in knowing that Bremer Manufacturing is helping the U.S. economy by providing new jobs.  This has been possible largely in part by a portion of our domestic customers coming back to the U.S. to buy from Bremer Manufacturing.  We’ve focused ourselves on purifying the production process to refine our manufacturing lead times.  This helps us meet more product demands in a quicker turnaround time.  Domestic manufacturers in the U.S. are finding out that there are hidden shipping costs and rising wages with overseas manufacturers in countries such as China and Mexico.  Customers, however, are mostly coming back to the U.S. because the quality of the product is better, and that reflects on all of the hard work Bremer Manufacturing puts in to our product.  We’re proud of our growth in our own great country and look forward to doing more business right in the great U.S.A.

Dave Bremer