Castings For Small Engines

At Bremer Manufacturing, we manufacture cost-effective castings in both low- or high-volume castings and complex castings using our in-house machining. We offer an extraordinary commitment to casting quality in conjunction with a wide range of services and best value for your needs. Our work incorporates small engines for individual applications, home & garden, scooters, small generators, chainsaws and other applications.

Our designs ensure the products are light-weight, leak-tight and meet pressure requirements. These products are designed with flexibility and are consolidated into a single casting design. Bremer Manufacturing ensures quality thermal transfer with aluminum sand castings. These products are used by a variety of small engine manufactures and within a multitude of products. Some of these products include intake manifolds, mounting brackets, and special application requirements.

Bremer Manufacturing is ISO-certified and is a top tier supplier to diesel and internal combustion engine manufacturers. We specialize in very complex, close-tolerance aluminum sand castings. We are also able to provide prototype castings that lead to production in our Wisconsin-based facility.