Lighting Industry Castings

Bremer Manufacturing serves the safety and security facets of the lighting industry. With our depth of experience in the lighting industry, we are the source from initial design to a finished product, ready for use. Bremer Manufacturing employees have years of experience making castings for various finish surface requirements and various applications. Meeting the design requirements for the industry, our sand castings are low-cost tooling which make low-volume castings economically feasible. We design flexibility for architectural lighting and LED applications. 

Our lighting industry castings include: 

  • Pole bases
  • Functional and/or decorative mounting brackets
  • Lens frames
  • Light bases and finials

At Bremer Manufacturing, we machine aluminum sand castings, painted or plated, ready for assembly. We specialize in highly cored, complex, machined aluminum sand castings that are finished to your specifications. Completed right and on time at our Wisconsin aluminum foundry is our policy.  


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