Automotive Castings

Bremer Manufacturing produces high-volume automotive castings for the automotive industry. With over 75 years of experience, we deliver automotive castings that are highly cored, functional, lightweight, and high-strength. Our castings are also corrosion resistant, weld-able, pressure-tight, and leak-free. We provide parts that have excellent machinability and continually strive to achieve zero defects.

Automotive industry castings we produce include an assortment of brackets, oil pump adapters, drive belt pulleys, water crossovers, front-end accessory drive mounts, inlet manifolds, throttle bodies, water inlets and outlets, and motor mounts.

Bremer Manufacturing has the ability to deliver fully finished automotive industry castings according to our customers’ machining and assembly requirements. We are fully dedicated throughout our entire production process to creating a premium product that is defect-free and delivered on time.


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