Bremer Manufacturing is a leader in aluminum sand castings. We are constantly pushing the envelope to adopt the latest and greatest technology for our customers. In early 2014, Bremer’s new, enlarged Air Set molding line will begin production in a building addition that was completed earlier this year.


Air set molding gives Bremer the ability to make very complex castings in the 5 lb. to 125 lb. range. In addition to complex parts, air set molding will also enable us to produce parts with a better surface finish and hold tighter dimensional tolerances.


Our new air set line consists of a new sand/binder mixer, automatic shakeout and sand reclamation system. New air set molding equipment will provide improved productivity in the mold making and shakeout operations, and also facilitate recovery and reuse of molding sand. This means lower production costs for Bremer and lower costs for our customers.


Whether our customers are looking for economical low volume production or multi-cavity production for higher volume applications, Bremer is extremely excited to help our customers meet their goals with our new air set line.