Human Resource Assistant/ Safety Director/Compliance Manager

Primary function:

Assist production management with performance reviews, wage administration, training, and general personnel issues.


Interface with office and production supervisors in procurement and facilitation of new employees into the workforce.


Make sure Bremer is in compliance with all policy directives external (OSHA, EPA, etc.) and internal (Bremer Handbook Guidelines, including attendance, hiring, training requirements etc.).

Lead the Safety Committee.

Provide oversight of the employee record keeping process including the establishment and adherence to a training matrix.


Conduct training sessions as needed/required. Interface with Safety/Environmental Consultants to provide specialized training and testing of air/water/hearing/noise, etc.



Familiarity with the foundry/manufacturing processes preferred.

Basic understanding of OSHA record keeping and training requirements. (HAZ-COM, LOTO, PPE, MSDS/SDS etc. per AFS Guidelines).


Basic knowledge of MS-Office computer programs.

Associate Degree or Bachelors degree in Applied Science or Human Resource management.

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Finishing Workers - Second Shift


Bremer Mfg Co. is in need of a reliable person that follows work order instructions. The jobs consist of light manufacturing, choice includes sawing off gates and risers of aluminum castings or belt/grinding of the castings.

Second Shift. Four – 10 hour days a week.  (2:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.)

Paid Weekly.
Bremer Manufacturing offers a full range of benefits including health insurance, life insurance, 401K with company match.

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